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EA is the abbreviation of expert advisor intelligent automatic trading system.
Programmatic trading software.

Have you ever encountered such a situation when using BangEa’s EA to automate trading? ——When we clicked on the panel, the corresponding trading panel did not pop up on the interface. The trading panel of the EA cannot be clicked. What is going on? Under normal circumstances, when we click the “Add Position Panel” button, […]
We load the EA for automated trading. After running for a few days, sometimes we find that the disk space is insufficient. Turn on the computer and find that the disk space is 0. How should we deal with this situation? First of all, we have to check whether the current EA reports any errors. […]
Open the official website of the foreign exchange platform, take IC as an example. Open IC official website. Download MT4 Find the download file and install it After clicking Finish, the MT4 interface will pop up After downloading, you can log in to your MT4 account. In the “File” directory of the MT4 interface, “Log […]
Before reading the content below, you must first install the MT4 trading software. After opening MT4, you will see many trading varieties in the list of symbol on the left, Different traders have symbol. Trading symbol are roughly divided into the following types: (1) .Foreign exchange: For example, EURUSD can be understood as the value […]
Many members may not be able to use BangEa’s EA when they first started. I will sort out the possible problems as follows. I hope to help you. EA troubleshooting tips:strategy test to view the Journal, Actual transaction or Simulated transaction view the EA in the Experts. 1.After the EA installation is complete, the corresponding […]
Most of the investors who use Ea now use it directly after downloading the EA, regardless of the Ea strategy and the advantages and disadvantages. BangEa has always been advocating that everyone should fully understand an EA strategy before using it, so as to understand the market under which this Ea works better, and under […]
● Why is this EA software used? EA is a programmatic trading software. On the BangEa website, you can download it for self-testing, back-testing with historical data, and try it out. ● How long can EA be tried? You can try it for about a week, and you can continue the trial with another account […]
1.Open your mt4 trading platform, I will take the ava platform as an example. 2.Click “File”-“Open Data Folder” in the upper left corner. 3.Download the EA and unzip it, there are several directories inside. 4.Copy these unzipped directories to the platform MQL4 folder. If prompted, select Overwrite. These directories correspond to the directories under the […]
This function is judged every 1 minute;This EA unilaterally: Click to switch back and forth with this EA bilaterally:Lots, Floating loss (percentage), singular switch, the default parameter in the first input box is greater than or equal to, and the value in the second input box is less than;1, 2, 3, 4, 5: parameter files […]