What to do if the automatic trading panel of EA can’t be clicked

Have you ever encountered such a situation when using BangEa’s EA to automate trading? ——When we clicked on the panel, the corresponding trading panel did not pop up on the interface.

The trading panel of the EA cannot be clicked. What is going on?

Under normal circumstances, when we click the “Add Position Panel” button, a “Add Order Panel” will automatically pop up to facilitate us to make some additional position settings.

But sometimes because we adjust the screen and other reasons, the panel disappears. When we click the panel button, the corresponding trading panel cannot be displayed in the chart normally.

How can we make EA’s automatic trading panel display normally again?

When our ” Add Order Panel l” can’t be displayed normally, we only need to click “Global Settings-Reset Panel” and everything will be back to normal. Click the ” Add Order Panel ” again. It will be displayed on the chart.

In addition, when our panel display is messy, you can also do the same to rearrange the panel to look more regular.

What to do if there is insufficient disk space with EA

We load the EA for automated trading. After running for a few days, sometimes we find that the disk space is insufficient. Turn on the computer and find that the disk space is 0. How should we deal with this situation?

First of all, we have to check whether the current EA reports any errors. Where to look? Check in the “Experts” column.

See if there are any hints here. If there is an error message, we must deal with the error accordingly. For example, EA settings are wrong; constantly modify the stop-profit and stop-loss price and so on.

Find the log file, open the data folder-MQL5-Logs.

Some files in this directory are relatively large, we can close the EA first, and then delete the relatively large files here, so that the space is released.

There is also a directory, open the data folder -Tester-logs

Here is the backtest log file, we can delete the backtest log file here to release the computer space.

The above operation solves the problem of insufficient disk space caused by EA.

Finally, we still have to check what causes the log file to be too large

MT4 download and installation tutorial

Open the official website of the foreign exchange platform, take IC as an example.

Open IC official website.

Download MT4

Find the download file and install it

After clicking Finish, the MT4 interface will pop up

After downloading, you can log in to your MT4 account. In the “File” directory of the MT4 interface, “Log in to the trading account”

Enter the registered account and password in the login dialog box, select the correct server, and click “Login”

The picture is demonstrated by a demo account, and the server selects the Demo class. Here, MT4 is successfully downloaded.

Introduction of 6 ways to place orders and trading varieties of foreign exchange

Before reading the content below, you must first install the MT4 trading software.

After opening MT4, you will see many trading varieties in the list of symbol on the left, Different traders have symbol.

Trading symbol are roughly divided into the following types:

(1) .Foreign exchange: For example, EURUSD can be understood as the value of US dollars converted from 1 euro. For example, 1.13212 means that 1 euro can be exchanged for 1.13212 US dollars.

(2). Energy: Similar to foreign exchange, the first three letters represent the variety and the last three letters generally represent the currency of valuation, such as BBRUSD (Brent Oil U.S. Dollar), etc.

(3). Commodities: Same as above, XAUUSD, XAGUSD, etc.

(4). Stock index: all abbreviations, different platforms may be called slightly different, such as US30, US100, US500

Six ways to place an order (take EURUSD as an example, more means bullish, the current price is higher than the order transaction price, that is, the price rises to make money, empty means bearish, the current price is lower than the order transaction price, the lower the price, the more profitable), it is recommended that you use simulation Try the account a few more times.

Buy at Market(The same Sell at Market ):

The four ways to place an order mentioned below are pending orders, which means that the current price has not reached this price, and the order is only filled at this price.

Buy Stop

Select “Pending Order Transaction” in the ” Type”, the type is “Buy Stop”, and enter the price of the pending order in the “Price” field. For example, the current price in Europe and America is 1.13202. To place a buy stop order, you need to enter 1.13202+20 points in the price column, which is a price above 1.13222.

After the pending order is successful, as shown in the figure below, the type is buystop. A buy stop pending order must be an order that appears above the current price. When the price rises to the pending order price of this order, the order will be filled.

Sell Limit

It is similar to buy stop, except that it is a short order. When the current price reaches this price, the transaction is also a short order.

Buy Limit

Contrary to buy stop, the pending order is below the current price, and the transaction is executed when the price drops to this pending order price.

Sell Stop

Contrary to sell limit, the transaction is done when the price drops to the pending unit price

These kinds of order placement methods, especially pending orders, must be tried several times and mastered well.

What should I do if EA cannot be used normally?

Many members may not be able to use BangEa’s EA when they first started. I will sort out the possible problems as follows. I hope to help you.

EA troubleshooting tips:strategy test to view the Journal, Actual transaction or Simulated transaction view the EA in the Experts.

1.After the EA installation is complete, the corresponding EA cannot be found in the navigator.

(1).Click refresh in the navigator.

(2).Please check whether the installation is correct. Sometimes the downloaded EA file has only one executable file, sometimes it is a compressed file, which needs to be decompressed. After decompression, copy it to the corresponding directory of mql4.

(3).Please check if the platform is mt4 or mt5, mt4 needs to download ex4 version, mt5 needs to download ex5 version.


2.When EA was Strategy test, the progress bar quickly ran out;

(1).No historical data,download the tutorial.

(2).It may be that the data center connection fails, replace the Model.

3.It prompts ordersend failed.

(1).Please check whether your platform supports EA ordering;

(2).Please check the minimum transaction volume allowed on your platform? For example, the minimum allowable transaction volume of some cents platforms is 0.1, and the ea setting is 0.01, which is strange if there is no problem.

Skills for viewing the properties of trading varieties, find the trading variety in the market watch, right-click, and specifications.

4.EA backtested for a long time without orders.

(1).Please click on the long and short positions on the position opening panel to open a position, check whether there is an order transaction, and troubleshoot EA installation problems.

(2).Generally, the frequency of the opening conditions you set is too low, and the order will be filled after a while.

Super detailed tutorial on backtesting EA with historical data

Most of the investors who use Ea now use it directly after downloading the EA, regardless of the Ea strategy and the advantages and disadvantages.

BangEa has always been advocating that everyone should fully understand an EA strategy before using it, so as to understand the market under which this Ea works better, and under which market the effect may not work. We do not recommend that you use black box EA.

Only by fully understanding the strategy of an EA can you know whether it is profit or loss.

BangEa’s EA will tell you the strategy, but even if the website’s introduction has already said that it is clear, you may still not have an intuitive feeling about this EA before trading dozens of transactions.

The following tutorial is to teach you how to use historical data for backtesting, so that you can conduct hundreds of thousands of transactions in a short period of time, and you can quickly understand the strategies, advantages and disadvantages of an Ea.

1.Download and install Ea first, if you can’t install it, please go here:https://bangea.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=299&action=edit

2.Download historical data:

After the input is complete, click “OK”, and then restart MT4. After restarting, enter “Tools”, “History Center”.

I want to download the data of EURCAD, find EURCAD in the symbols on the left, double click “M1 M5-all the way to-MN” to turn the small icons in front of all the time charts into yellow Green color.

Click the “download” button, and you can see that the 1 minute data in the database is 2054 records.

After clicking download, the download button will turn gray. You can see in the log that the data has been downloaded.

If the download button changes from gray to clickable state, it means that the download has stopped. At this time, click the “Download” button again to continue the download.

3.Use historical data to return

Select the Ea of the Stratage Tester, set the Symbol, check the date, and set Use date, check the retest display, select the time period, and set the spread.

You can basically see and understand the settings. The only thing that may not be clear is the ” model”. There are three options for the review model, namely “every tick”, “control point”, and “open prices only”.

every price probably means using the most accurate price for back-testing, but the speed is also the slowest, only the opening price is the fastest back-testing, but the data is used less, the result may not be accurate, and the control points are at two In the middle, the control point means that 12 points are randomly selected on a candlestick for backtesting. The opening price is only 4 prices for each candlestick’s high to open and low to close, and each real-time price is recorded with data. Back-testing of all prices. You can choose this choice according to your computer’s computing power. I usually use control points for backtesting.

After setting, click “Start”, and the chart will scroll to the left quickly under normal circumstances. The time is of course the backtest time we set above.

During the back test, you can control the Ea back test speed and pause the back test through the slider and button below.

Check the transaction results by clicking on the “Results”, “Equity Graph”, and “Reports” below.

Set the stratage on the panel

Right-click in the report and select “Save report”, a web file report will be generated.

4.Modify Stratage Tester

Regarding the functions on the EA panel, we write a help manual.

EA common questions and responses

● Why is this EA software used?

EA is a programmatic trading software. On the BangEa website, you can download it for self-testing, back-testing with historical data, and try it out.

● How long can EA be tried?

You can try it for about a week, and you can continue the trial with another account when it expires.

● How can EA be used permanently?

There are two ways:

1.Open an account under our agent, and use the whole site EA and indicators for free.

2.The platform provider pays for all platforms.

If you are a platform provider or agent, you can choose to pay annually, and EA can be customized.

All accounts on your platform can use the EA on the website for free, which is equivalent to adding a value-added service to your platform.

● Does the ea on the website have an observation account?

There are links to some users’ observation accounts, which are for reference only.https://www.eabang.com/349.html

● How much money does EA need to use?

After we have developed each EA, we will use 10,000 for testing. I don’t think you can ask me how much funds can be used? Because there are people who use funds ranging from 1 to 100,000, many people can make stable profits. Most people’s method is to use their own funds to run a backtest first, look at the effect in general, and then load it. Let’s go to the simulated market for a try, and think that it can be used for a real market. If the amount of funds is relatively small, some people will have a little human intervention, and the effect will be relatively good.

● Can’t backtest?

1.Please check whether the EA is installed properly, click the long and short position opening buttons on the position opening panel. If the order is filled, the installation is normal; if there is no order filled, please refer to:https://bangea.com/2021/11/16/ea-installation-teaching/

2.Whether to download the historical data of the varieties that need to be tested.

3.Whether it is a multi-variety EA, and whether there are varieties that need to be tested in the multi-variety setting.

4.Please take a screenshot of the content in the log in the strategy test window to BangEa Web;

EA installation teaching

1.Open your mt4 trading platform, I will take the ava platform as an example.

Click Ava Meta Trader to open

2.Click “File”-“Open Data Folder” in the upper left corner.

3.Download the EA and unzip it, there are several directories inside.

4.Copy these unzipped directories to the platform MQL4 folder. If prompted, select Overwrite. These directories correspond to the directories under the MQL4 folder, as shown in the figure below.

5.After the EA is installed, please restart the MT4 platform.

6.Open MT4 and find “Navigator” in the View.

7.In the “Expert Advisor” of the “Navigator”, find the EA file you just installed, double-click or click to manually enter the chart window.

8.If there is an operation error pop-up window, please make corresponding modifications according to the prompt content.

9.In the “input ” window, you can modify custom parameters

10.After the installation is complete, if EA cannot run normally, this may be due to a lack of Microsoft runtime.

Please download:https://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/download/details.aspx?id=40784

Install after download, restart mt4 software after installation to load EA again.

11.For problems during installation, please post in this forum ,Or connect us.

The configuration file of EA advanced usage is automatically switched back and forth

This function is judged every 1 minute;
This EA unilaterally: Click to switch back and forth with this EA bilaterally:
Lots, Floating loss (percentage), singular switch, the default parameter in the first input box is greater than or equal to, and the value in the second input box is less than;
1, 2, 3, 4, 5: parameter files configured in advance;
Hourly loading (local time): The value in the input box is greater than or equal to the configuration file that needs to be executed when the local time is executed;

The singular is used as an illustration below (as shown in the figure above):
When the order quantity is between 1-5, configuration file 1 is automatically executed; when the order quantity is between 5-88, configuration file 2 is automatically executed;
When selecting the configuration file 1, you must click the setting 1 in the save setting again, and the others are the same;
When profile 1 is started, the singular switch of this line will be automatically closed.
Note: If you need to automatically switch between lots, floating losses, and odd numbers, try not to satisfy all conditions at the same time.