About Us

The BangEa website started in September 2017. We are committed to developing high-quality EA programmatic trading software, and hope to establish a correct programmatic trading concept for everyone.

What is EA?

EA is the abbreviation of expert advisor intelligent automatic trading system.

EA is just a programmatic human strategy. After programmatic, it can be automatically traded by a computer. EA is not a scourge, nor is it an artifact that allows you to lie down and make money. It is just a tool. This tool mainly has the following characteristics:

1.Not affected by human emotions, strictly implement trading strategies.

2.The transaction speed is fast, execute immediately when there is a signal, and can monitor multiple varieties at the same time.

3.The trading strategy can be rigorously backtested with historical data, and the advantages and disadvantages of the strategy can be found.

EA recommended use process:

1.Simply verify the feasibility of the EA strategy with historical backtesting.

2.Try it for a period of time with a demo account.

3.If you think you can make a stable profit, you can use the EA on real trading accounts.

We recommend that you understand the trading strategy of the EA software, after a lot of testing (fast backtesting of historical data), and think that you can achieve stable profitability, and then use the EA, do not use the EA that you don’t understand the trading strategy.

I wish you a successful trading, prosperity and wealth, good health and a happy life!

Website EA software is free to use: https://bangea.com/how-to-use-ea-for-free/

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