EA common questions and responses

● Why is this EA software used?

EA is a programmatic trading software. On the BangEa website, you can download it for self-testing, back-testing with historical data, and try it out.

● How long can EA be tried?

You can try it for about a week, and you can continue the trial with another account when it expires.

● How can EA be used permanently?

There are two ways:

1.Open an account under our agent, and use the whole site EA and indicators for free.

2.The platform provider pays for all platforms.

If you are a platform provider or agent, you can choose to pay annually, and EA can be customized.

All accounts on your platform can use the EA on the website for free, which is equivalent to adding a value-added service to your platform.

● Does the ea on the website have an observation account?

There are links to some users’ observation accounts, which are for reference only.https://www.eabang.com/349.html

● How much money does EA need to use?

After we have developed each EA, we will use 10,000 for testing. I don’t think you can ask me how much funds can be used? Because there are people who use funds ranging from 1 to 100,000, many people can make stable profits. Most people’s method is to use their own funds to run a backtest first, look at the effect in general, and then load it. Let’s go to the simulated market for a try, and think that it can be used for a real market. If the amount of funds is relatively small, some people will have a little human intervention, and the effect will be relatively good.

● Can’t backtest?

1.Please check whether the EA is installed properly, click the long and short position opening buttons on the position opening panel. If the order is filled, the installation is normal; if there is no order filled, please refer to:https://bangea.com/2021/11/16/ea-installation-teaching/

2.Whether to download the historical data of the varieties that need to be tested.

3.Whether it is a multi-variety EA, and whether there are varieties that need to be tested in the multi-variety setting.

4.Please take a screenshot of the content in the log in the strategy test window to BangEa Web;