EA saves the screenshot of the current chart into a file when opening and closing positions; The file is saved in the “MQL5\Files\ea file name” directory; The file name includes time, variety, position opening and closing actions, position opening type, lot size, price reported to the platform, order number; The picture has information such as …

Only Opening

The EA will only run once at the first quotation at the opening of the market, and will run again when the next candle opens. The period can be set by yourself(M1/M2/M3—-W1). This function can make the backtest and the real offer more consistent.

Manual Orders

After opening, the EA will not only manage the orders opened by this EA, but also manage other Ea and manual opening orders (only the varieties managed by this Ea). For example, you can manually open an order. If you turn on the “Manual Orders” function, EA will manage your manual orders and perform operations …

Reset Panel

If the position of the panel is messed up or cannot be clicked, you can use the “Reset Panel” function to rearrange the panel. The Reset Panel will also clear some stored variables, such as the multiple of the loss doubled in the calculation of the open position.