What to do if the automatic trading panel of EA can’t be clicked

Have you ever encountered such a situation when using BangEa’s EA to automate trading? ——When we clicked on the panel, the corresponding trading panel did not pop up on the interface.

The trading panel of the EA cannot be clicked. What is going on?

Under normal circumstances, when we click the “Add Position Panel” button, a “Add Order Panel” will automatically pop up to facilitate us to make some additional position settings.

But sometimes because we adjust the screen and other reasons, the panel disappears. When we click the panel button, the corresponding trading panel cannot be displayed in the chart normally.

How can we make EA’s automatic trading panel display normally again?

When our ” Add Order Panel l” can’t be displayed normally, we only need to click “Global Settings-Reset Panel” and everything will be back to normal. Click the ” Add Order Panel ” again. It will be displayed on the chart.

In addition, when our panel display is messy, you can also do the same to rearrange the panel to look more regular.