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This is a question raised by a friend in the EA BANG forum. In fact, this function does not need to be made into an indicator, because the existing EA can realize it. There are two ways to achieve this. What is the slope of the k-line? It is a line formed by connecting N […]
EA: Every time the price fluctuates, the code in the EA is executed once; Script: After the script runs, the code is executed only once. In order for us to understand the difference correctly, Mr. Tang of EA Bang specially wrote an EA and a script to demonstrate, its function is to output the time. […]
This is a requirement raised by a friend in the EA State forum before. He has been using our programmatic EA to trade frequently, and the trading strategy is of the order brushing type. We all know that the transaction speed has a great influence on the strategy of frequent transactions. He usually uses VPS […]
In the process of using programmatic trading, have you encountered such a situation? The opening position of aEA is better, and the closing position of bEA is better. It would be perfect if these two EAs could be combined together! Generally, we use 1 EA to open and close positions. If I want to handle […]
How to use EA’s configuration file? A user has been using Bang EA’s Hedging EA for multi-variety trading. The functions of EA software are constantly enriched. As time goes by, there are hundreds of EA functions, so just use the conditions of the automatic panel to open and close positions. For example, there are many […]
During the previous 10 years of simulated trading, a constant trading strategy made steady losses, and in the process, it was strictly executed according to its set trading strategy. In the future market, the probability of loss is definitely very high, and it may also be a loss. ​If we follow the trading strategy in […]
Note: This article is transferred from This article is a video recorded by Mr. Tang. For those who don’t like watching videos, you can read the article. How to automatically take screenshots when EA opens and closes orders? This function is a request from an EA member. He usually uses programmatic transactions. He has […]
The difference mainly comes from the bar shape in different fixe d periods. As shown in the figure below, such as the 1-minute chart and the daily chart, many K-lines in the 1-minute chart may have only a small number of TICKs. During the inactive time period of some unpopular varieties, the 1-minute K-line fluctuates […]
1.Click on the “Buy Open” or the “Sell Open” in the Opening Panel to check whether there is an order filled.If no new order,Please check whether mt4 and mt5 are logged in, and whether “Algo Trading” and “Allow DLL imports” are turned on.EA installation 2.If there is a new order,the not closed orders not managed,Place […]
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