Category: Other Hedg

This function is used for multiple symbols. After the Overall T/P in the closing panel is triggered, the amount of its profit hedges the loss managed by this EA for the most one order, and how much can be closed; Pofit>0:The profit of the two hedged orders is greater than 0; Account loss must>%:Floating loss/Banlence>5%.
Other Hedging:Reverse hedge order control switch; The one-way all order hedges the other direction order; Loss>auto open reverse:If ” Other Hedging “switch is close, When the loss is greater than the value of input box, it will automatically open; Locking:Locking switch; Lot of locked%:Locked order percentage; When locked loss>()$:The loss of the one-way order must […]
Display the quantity and lot of buy orders; Display 20% of the total profit and loss of each buy order closing; Display the total profit and loss of each buy order to close a fixed lot;