The configuration file of EA advanced usage is automatically switched back and forth

This function is judged every 1 minute;
This EA unilaterally: Click to switch back and forth with this EA bilaterally:
Lots, Floating loss (percentage), singular switch, the default parameter in the first input box is greater than or equal to, and the value in the second input box is less than;
1, 2, 3, 4, 5: parameter files configured in advance;
Hourly loading (local time): The value in the input box is greater than or equal to the configuration file that needs to be executed when the local time is executed;

The singular is used as an illustration below (as shown in the figure above):
When the order quantity is between 1-5, configuration file 1 is automatically executed; when the order quantity is between 5-88, configuration file 2 is automatically executed;
When selecting the configuration file 1, you must click the setting 1 in the save setting again, and the others are the same;
When profile 1 is started, the singular switch of this line will be automatically closed.
Note: If you need to automatically switch between lots, floating losses, and odd numbers, try not to satisfy all conditions at the same time.