Delay Setting

After sending the order to open or close a position, the EA will stop working for a period of time, in milliseconds, 1 second = 1000 milliseconds.

Some platforms will not update the open position immediately after opening a position. For example, if the opening condition is to open a position unconditionally, ea will determine that there is no current order, and it will open an order. At this time, there is currently 1 order. Satisfied, no more orders will be placed.

However, on some platforms, after opening a position, the number of account orders is not updated, but returns to 0, that is, there is no order. When the number of orders is 0, EA’s unconditional opening conditions continue to be met, and continue to open orders. Some platforms have to wait for several hundred Only update the number of orders after milliseconds.

None of Bang EA’s agent platforms have this problem. You can set the delay to 0, so you can use it with confidence.