Alone T/P

Point T/P:The number of points to take profit for each order, the default is 6-digit quotation; (Use skill, when the position is small, you can use the point T/P.)

Money T/P:The take profit amount of each order; (Use skills, when the position is too large, you can use the Money T/P,)

Clear buy T/P: Clear buy T/P line take profit price on the order;

Clear sell T/P:Clear sell T/P line take profit price on the order;

Active T/P:When an order is profitable by 100 points, the EA sends a closing order to the platform,Click Active T/P change to Passive T/P, It means set 100 point take profit on each order,because this is a closing order issued by the platform merchant, the closing information will not be returned to ea. If there are other ways to close the position, EA may report an error;

Reverse after close:After the Alone T/P is triggered, the multiple of the reverse order is opened, and the multiple is adjustable.

Order Multiple:Fill in the reverse multiple in the input box