Alone S/L

Point S/L,Money S/L ,Clear buy S/L ,Clear sell S/L, Active S/L , Reverse after close and Order Multiple please see:

First Order:Set the stop loss price of all orders according to the stop loss price of the first order. A common usage is to set the stop loss price of the first order on the mobile phone, and EA will automatically set the stop loss prices of other orders to this price.

Hold S/L:When the profit is 100 points, the stop loss is placed at the position of the profit 10 points;

Hold S/L switch:Protection stop loss Control switch;

Hold all orders:All orders setting Hold S/L;

Positive add orders: Positive add order setting Hold S/L ;

Reverse add orders:Reverse add order setting Hold S/L;

Pending when S/L:After the order stop loss setting is generated, place a callback order for the same position at the opening price of this order;