General Set

No hedge when total profit>0(1way):

All orders of one-way profit are greater than 0 without hedging;

This function can be used for other hedging methods except reverse hedging and horse racing hedging,and the calculated profit value is the unilateral profit of buy or sell orders managed by this ea.

Last of close:1way

When the hedge is closed, if there is only one order left at the hedge direction in the account,and the open position of the order falls within the range of the right input box,the EA will close the order;

Click 1way to 2way:

when hedging, whether it is a buy or sell hedge, regardless of whether the remaining one after hedging is a buy or sell, as long as there is one remaining order, the order will be closed.(This function is to try to avoid EA using a large position as the first order to increase the position.)