MACD Cross

Cross Open:MACD Cross Open switch;

macd value parameter setting

The upper and lower values ​​of the MACD bar,MACD closs open and close are only valid outside the value of the MACD bar;

Open a sell order when the second macd bar befor is greater than the line and the first macd bar befor is less than the line(as down show,open sell order),and vice versa;

Cross Close:MACD Cross Close switch;

Close buy order when the previous second macd bar is greater than the line and the previous first macd bar is less than the line,and vice versa;;

Now:Select turtle opening or closing period;

Profit close:Profit Point:When meeting the moving Ma Deviation close ,the order must be profit more than 50point to close order.

Reverse:Reverse open or close order;